Diamond Gemstone

Diamond is a very popular gemstone which are used for jewellery.it has unbreakable features.it has been used for decorative items.in today’s life style holding a diamond or, wearing a diamond is an important part of modern lifestyle. But before wearing or, holding diamonds we need to know about the features of a real diamonds. There are a lot of features of diamonds:

  • Real diamonds are strongest metals.So it can not break easily after a fall.
  • Reflect the light from one side to another side.
  • It remains cool in nature. It never get heater while flame on it.
  • It is scratchless in nature.so it can not be scratched so easily
  • It has no clear perception means it it is not completely transparent.


Diamond weight is measured in carat. Every diamond having an unique features .These are different in sizes, shapes, color and their purity.

The polished diamond are more valuable than others. The value of diamond is based on their combination and color clarity.


Mostly diamond found in the color of the tints yellow, or brown. So,colorless diamond having High price rather than other colored diamond. So, diamond prices are depends on the rarity of diamond.It means colorless diamond are rare,so it is more expensive than other colored diamonds.So,the diamond values depends on the clarity, cut and carat weight. So, the diamond cost will be vary on:

  1. Clarity
  2. Color
  3. Cut
  4. Carat

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